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Dustless floor finishing
With dustless sanding there is little to no cleanup required.

Dustless Sanding

Kapalua Floors uses the most advanced sanding systems available. The Atomic DCS (Dust Containment System) provides a cleaner, healthier and faster floor refinishing option. And at no added cost to you.

"I had Joe refinish the floors in my living and dining rooms. He promised to use a "dust free" method. I assumed it would be more expensive than the other quote I obtained from a company who did not use "dust free" technology. To my surprise, Joe's bid was less. So I received a better, dust free job at a better price. He did an excellent job on the floors and it was truly dust free!"
Stephen J. Grobbel

The Atomic DCS has a powerful vacuum attached directly to the sanding device. Its efficient filtration system virtually eliminates all airborne dust and sanding particles It also lessens the potential health issues associated with sanding and airborne toxic particulates.

Kapalua Floors can also combine the dustless sanding system with Bona's waterborne polyurethane finishes. These finishes offer a completely durable and less toxic option because they have the lowest percentage of volatile organic compounds of any floor finish.

The waterbourne finishes are environmentally safe, and there's no need to vacate the jobsite during refinishing. As the finish dries, water, not toxic fumes, evaporate into the air. The no-yellowing finishes won't amber or change color over time.

The Atomic DCS system and Bona waterborne finishes are Greenguard Certified for indoor air quality - the only Greenguard Certified system in the industry.

If you are concerned about air quality and a beautiful, long lasting result, call Joe Meyecic today at 855 2 KAPALUA for an free onsite estimate.

dustless floor sanding

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