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exotic woods for new wood floors
New wood floors can be installed in virtualy any kind of wood, in patterns or on a diagonal to make a space appear larger.

New Wood Floors

Kapalua Floors can install new wood flooring in any location in your home or office. If the current floor surface is not level and smooth, we will smooth and level to ensure a perfect installation. We can install hardwood or exotic wood floors in any pattern, herringbone, parquet or on the diagonal. Borders in a contrasting wood for can be added for a great effect.

Wood flooring is available prefinished or unfinished. Unfinished flooring can be stained to match existing flooring or in a unique color to match any color scheme.

Flooring is available in almost any type of wood you can imagine, from oak and maple to specialty hardwood like walnut and rosewood.

For a unique and eco-friendly solution, bamboo and cork flooring are sound choices as they are sustainable. Hardwearing, they can provide the same type of longevity as most hardwood with some of the refinishing capabilities of hardwoods. The hardness of wood is based on the Janka hardness test. Wood is rated in hardness from Balsa Wood at 100 to Lignum Vitae at 4500. To learn more about the Janka scale for wood hardness

new wood floor installation

Hardwood Floors by Kapalua Floors in Troy, Michigan

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