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custom finish techniques for wood floors
Hand scraping can be hand done or be a feature of prefinished hardwood flooring.

Custom Finish Techniques

Kapalua Floors offers many different types of custom finish techniques. Hand scraping can be done on new wood floors to simulate an aged look, or can be replicated in repair to match existing hand-scraped flooring. Some new prefinished hardwood floors also feature a handscraped look.

Kapalua also installs intricate borders in contrasting woods or colors for a fully custom look. This can border a room or be done within a room space to accent an area rug. The possibilities are limitless with our experience and your imagination.

Mixing wood species can be done to great effect. Inlaid floors and intricate parquet and herringbone effects are accomplished with new hardwood as well as restoration work. Have us come to your space and evaluate all the options.

Entryways and foyers, dining rooms and great rooms are good places for medallions. We can use any of several prefabricated designs or create one to your specifications. Monograms and company logos are easily created with wood.

custom floor finishing with multiple wood species

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