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Bona Recoat System
Bona Recoat System: remove, rinse, refortify

Bona Recoat System

Have your floors professionally recoated to extend the life and beauty of floors with wear or minor scratches.

  • Safely removes contaminants from your floor
  • Fills in surface scratches
  • Restores sheen and luster of floor
  • Maintains and builds a protective layer
  • Safe for all types of hardwood floors including pre-finished
  • GREENGUARD Certified


Bona Remover™ solution breaks up and removes any contaminants on the floor, preparing the floor for a thorough cleaning. The Bona Remover is used in conjunction with the Bona FlexiSand buffer and Bona Recoat System Abrasive Brush.


Bona Rinse™ solution is specifically designed to rinse the floor clean of Bona Remover and contaminants. The Bona Rinse solution is used with the Bona PowerScrubber.


Once all the contaminants are removed from the hardwood floor, it is ready to be refortified with a new coat of Bona Traffic™ or Bona Traffic HD™. The new coat of finish will restore the floors beauty and prolong the life of the hardwood floor.

To discuss Bona's GREENGUARD certified hardwood floor finishing and the Bona dustless sanding system, Call Joe Meyecic today at 855 2 KAPALUA for an free onsite estimate

See examples of the Bona Deep Clean System in our Portfolio.

Bona Eco-Certified Floor Finishing System

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