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Bona Deep Clean System
Bona Deep Clean System refreshes wood floors.

Bona Deep Clean System

Have your floors professionally deep cleaned with a powerful scrubbing machine and Bona's specially formulated professional hardwood floor deep clean solution.

  • Affordable
  • No need to vacate your home
  • Furniture can be replaced immediately or cleaned around
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Keeps floors looking their best
  • GREENGUARD Certified

Bona Deep Clean Solution

A professional strength, non-toxic, waterborne cleaner formulated for unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors. This environmentally responsible cleaner leaves no residue and will not dull the floor's finish. GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified.

Bona PowerScrubber

The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine. When used with the Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from hardwood floors.

Bona Deep Clean Polish

A durable, urethane acrylic blend with an exceptionally fast dry time and no waxy build-up. Adds a high gloss or low gloss protective layer and fills in microscratches, evening out the appearance of the floor.

To discuss Bona's GREENGUARD certified hardwood floor finishing and the Bona dustless sanding system, Call Joe Meyecic today at 855 2 KAPALUA for an free onsite estimate

See examples of the Bona Deep Clean System in our Portfolio.

Bona Eco-Certified Floor Finishing System

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